The Sommelier Society of America

Important Information and Registration Policies

* Minimum age: You must have reached 21 years of age to take this course * (At the discretion of the Education Director, you may be asked for proof of age.)

Please click here to ask a question or request an application .

TUITION DEADLINE: Application and payment (they must be submitted together) are accepted prior to the fall or spring session of the Sommelier Certificate Course. The deadline for the New York City class is four weeks before the date of the first class, unless the class is already filled. Seating is limited and seat reservation is dependent on space available. Once your seat is confirmed, and you have paid your tuition, you will receive written seat confirmation . Please do not attend the first day of class without seat confirmation

PAYPAL (CREDIT CARD) users are welcome. Please click here to pay by credit card via PayPal. Using PayPal does not automatically secure a seat. Seat confirmation is necessary. You must call the office for seat availability.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds are issued once classes begin. Please plan carefully.

FINAL EXAM: The two-hour final exam questions are based on information from lectures, class handouts, and textbook reading assignments. One may postpone taking the final exam until the next session. One may retake the final exam more than once.

The final exam is given twice a year, at the end of each session. The re-take fee is $75.

ABSENCES: A student may have a maximum of four absences. Missing more than four classes leaves the student unprepared for the final exam.

DIPLOMA: A passing grade of 70% is required to receive the Sommelier Society of America Certification Diploma

MAKE-UP CLASSES: One may take a make-up class with the permission of the Chairman and providing there is space available. The make-up class must be taken the next session only . One may not retake more than four classes without contacting the administration office to get approval. To re-take the entire course, one must re-apply and pay the full tuition.

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